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Day of snow and mud.

Posted: February 17th, 2011


There are few days in the year we can enjoy the snow-Beseit Els Ports de Tortosa. These times must use scarce.

This weekend we decided to climb to see the beautiful old houses enblanquinat landscape and take out a small mountain bike route with the snow. Soon we realized that the next time we need to mount a set of chains on the wheels or a key system for roofs. The old houses falling snow gives us a new vision for this spectacular fall where we will take the tracks left by cars and try not to go the route so we could have very interesting consequences for our physical. It was a thrilling descent despite the limited speed to ground conditions but also dirty…Crude Greece Grecia. Vig get low that I had to take tweezers, ple de fang de dalt a baix .

It was an interesting morning I returned to take on contact with “stupid” who had recently abandoned due to some pain in the knees.

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