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Posted: February 17th, 2011

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After climbing Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), the highest mountain of the whole African continent with a height of 5895m, l’Agost de 2009 id'escalar l'Elbrus (Russia), the highest mountain on the European continent with a height of 5.642m, l’Agost de 20l'Agost the

This year the project have to climb the highest mountain in the Americas, the’Aconcagua amb 6.962m. It is the highest peak in the entire Southern Hemisphere and the highest outside the Himalayas. For al'alpinista, this peak does face the danger of high altitude and climate brutally unstable. The key point to reach the summit of Aconcagua is in a good acclimatization, have good physical shape and have sufficient time to have a window of good weather to attack the summit.

It is easy to understand, This company is very difficult and costly in time and money, and certainly requires an enormous effort on the physical level. But dreams are so, We require great efforts and huge sacrifices to achieve the desired goal that will bring happiness to.

I have done trekking on all continents including Antarctica ( Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Oceania i Antàrtida) and tackle this new project makes me very pleased·reference.

You can fly·licitar file has patrocinante:

Together they try to reach the highest peak in America and around the Southern Hemisphere.

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