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To wet underpants…

Posted: May 7th, 2011

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This week was between the eyes to make the tour of Pauls race walking, as well as a temporadeta where I may be. This afternoon despite forecasts of rain that could risk a little me and I decided to take the raincoat. I planted Pauls when I saw that he had no problems and have undertaken work to climb the steep path Montsagre. And once halfway it started to rain. Then there will, continue… the path is a path with many slabs of rock that had their wet ball slip. Jo in sec, I am prone to slips and sprains ankle, so do not say anything wet… In particular was quite complicated step Finella in these foggy conditions, Wind and water, lots of water. What Collon raincoat, needed a float! I followed the path holding water passing through the neck of the Revised, on the precipice of Shackle, Montsagre to the source of neck Gilaberta. Once the neck, I saw that there was still fog, now it had stopped raining and it was time. So I decided to continue. Once was climbing to the top of Vacarissal, had long since returned to rain and was soaked, But I have seen a very close lightning and thunder almost immediate, then the second beam I've seen and counted the seconds was less than a mile!! And I holding those waters!. I decided to backtrack and take the shortcut to Download, still had at least 4 Distance to Pauls. The paths down which streams down had become water garbo. Finally I got soaked to the underwear!

This has been soaked tour:

For me it is a very interesting journey for hardness, the magnificence of the views and the wildlife sighting.

I could not do the same route that ended the career of Paul fog storm,thunder and lightning that forced me to change it a little. If you have a route similar, download the best route up the race, So I had to turn myself in times of paths that had become water in streams and down garbo.

In total some 19 kilometers of pure mountain with 1300m of climbing with both positive negative.
Slope of the curve of my GPS does not come out right because of the storm and pressure changes.

+ Rutes al my Channel Wikiloc of.

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