100 rutes al wikiloc

Posted: February 4th, 2013

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Since I began my initiation into the world of GPS I found this page Wikiloc is pruned share on tracks, routes, photos,etc.… Also that is a website where the purpose is to share.

It is really a useful tool to plan new routes that maybe someone has already done before you or share your. What's also important is that it is a free of charge tool that even works on Google Earth gives us good information indicative.

It is a tool where travelers can get information and opinions from other travelers firsthand and without intermediaries.

A point to improve is that the form is not very accurate and really missed while quickly search results tailored to your búsqueda but with patience by the map are the routes of each area. There are thousands of routes.

Usually I do not use the GPS on my activities because I like to go a little adventure grooves or routes that do know me, further reduce weight,but slowly I'm interesting and I shared some routes.

Currently you can see hundreds of routes to suit all tastes and different levels of difficulty in activities such as trekking, mountaineering,ski,btt,etc.. You will also find routes in different countries and even different continents.

In this link you can see my trails:

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