Safaris i trekking.

Using our expedition Kilimanjaro, my wife Lorraine and I we decided to take a visit to some of the magnificent natural parks of the African savanna in this country.

From the town of Moshi we went to Lake Manyara National Park where we make a safari wildlife sighting. Elephants, jirafes, monkeys, crocodiles and many bird species including. That night we stayed in a hotel near Karatu.

The day after we visited Karatu and we headed to the Ngorongoro Crater, which were lined to descend to the plains of the Ngorongoro conservation area within the crater. We enjoy a great diversity of fauna within that crater, including flamingos, feral, Lions, elephants, jackals, hyenas, hipopòtams, a rhinoceros and milers of nyus. The Ngorongoro crater is undoubtedly one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Once we leave the crater several Maasai villages and we stop to visit one. We received a tribal dance where men dance by jumping on one hand and women on another while singing. After we told her lifestyle and how to make their villages and their huts.

In the following days we visited the Serengeti National Park where the vast area to augment the number of animal species. Let the “khopjes”, afloracions rock where they nap animals, including lions. Ens dirigim between savanna, acacias and baobabs to the camping area. Amb tented camp area (permanent stores) but that is not fenced and where at night we had a visit from a herd of buffalo and some other wild animal.

During this day we saw thousands of impala and Thompson gazelle, herds of Elefants, some lions, lleopards i Cheetahs, jackals, hyenas, crocodiles, hipopòtams, pelícans, nyus, jirafes, etc. We witnessed a hunting scene by big cats.

A perfect final journey after climbing the Kilimanjaro rest provided per, relax-we i enjoy nature.

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