Day: UEC Tortosa

Cova de l`Orgui o Avenc de Sabarin

Posted: October 3rd, 2016

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Es tracta de una de les cavitats més impressionants de la zona dels Ports, amb molta formació i molt recorregut.

Com sabeu sòc home de poques paraules i de fet, desprès de realitzar una visita a un lloc de tal bellesa, per poc valen les paraules.

Teniu tota la info detallada aquí:

I com es diu habitualment: una imatge val més que mil paraules (per cert les millors fotos són de Marcos Chusa i altres de la meua càmaraque encara ens estem coneixent).

Pasen y vean:

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Si vols veure més fotos visita la web del Club espeleologia dinàmics i  el de UEC TORTOSA .

Un altre enllaç interessant vist per la web que us farà posar les dents llargues

Travessa Fredes-Paüls 2012

Posted: June 10th, 2012

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La Travessia nocturna Fredes-Paüls ha estat una vegada més un èxit de participació i d’organització per part de la UEC de Tortosa.
This is the classical crossing the Port, that following the GR-7, usually done in two days, pero realitzada en aquest cas en una sola tirada i al llum de la lluna.

Dades tècniques:
Data de celebració: 9 in 10 de juny de 2012
Check Out: 18:00 h
Starting: Square street of Cold
Place of arrival: Area sports Pauls
Tancament del control de Caro: At the 1:00 h del diumenge.
Tancament del control d’arribada: Quant arribe l’últim dels participants.
Distància: 46 Km + -
Desnivell: 1500 m+ i 2200 -

La meteorologia ens ha respectat i ha estat perfecte, a pesar d’algunes previsions de que podia arribar a ploure.
Com a curiositat diré que: tot i que hi ha anys en que solia coincidir amb la lluna plena aquesta vegada no ha estat així.
L’únic “but” que podria remarcar és que el seu propi èxit de participació és un handicap per als que com jo no ens agrada correr i ens agrada fer-la caminant al nostre ritme aprofitant el caràcter no competitiu de la prova. At the start of 700 people simultaneously from Cold is very difficult to follow a walking pace until the first 5 the 6 km tenint que adelantar en senders on molts cops es pot arribar a molestar als companys. In short, que apretes a correr des del primer moment o et trobaras segur en varios taps fins que la cosa es vaigue estirant. Tot i això, everything perfect and is a true celebration of sport.

This time I have been fortunate to share the road with Miriam, Ferran, Josep, Kazu i Xavi als quals els agraeïxo haver-me fet, si era possible encara, més amena la travessa.

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The wildest Transportation…

Posted: May 15th, 2011

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Spectacular, fantastic, wild, committed, intense, demanding…. Here are some adjectives that come to me when I think that any route that passes through the ravines of Lloret, Orion and hats. The Route escarrissons Lloret i Muntanya art adventure 100%.

Els experts Joan Pull in Vicente Pellicer, in his books give good references and directions. This is one of the most complex and physically demanding routes that can be done in the Natural Park of Ports Beceite, but it is beautiful and interesting places and hidden treasures.

Leave the car on the track that is on the edge of Lloret Blowers (at the door of the house of fat).From there a track and then we undertake a path where it crosses the ravine with a small wooden bridge that leads to Blowers. From d'ara, s'empinarà the path more and more, therefore overcome a height difference of about 500 poc meters in MES 1.5 km. It is a technique which path will you ever climb and be attentive to the goals of the red rocks and then losing it is quite. It is advisable to bring long pants because the vegetation (boixos, argilagues, Roma,pins,etc.) increasingly becomes thicker.

The indicator of the UEC to find a stone head towards the al'escarissó Borosa, leaving behind the turning corner of the Moro. Continue climbing up to a cairn where we find a fig tree that has withstood the test of time and stones. Climbing can enjoy views of the gorge in Lloret, Castell de l'Airosa, Rock Xapada,etc. and the different vertical rock formations that will surprise (morralets). Follow up the steep channel al'escarrissó of Borosa. A escarissó dixaven was a trunk where some branches to be used as a scale. In case Aquest, the UEC Tortosa FET has an excel·good job cleaning and adjusting the route with the brands and restaurant escarrisons.

Follow up to the neck where there Morralets stunning views of Mont Caro. And aquest point, take the turning towards the Col de Lloret leaving the villages to cave to cave and painted Ebro. From here begins another path trencacames dirty and brutal but not the drop that has brought us this far. From there, pay special interest to the red and the goals of stone because it is easy to get lost. We go along the ravines of lloret, Orion and bars along a path exposed and demanding at times. It is the most adventurous and we will find sources, caves, coconuts and other treasures. We will stop on a vertical wall instead of seeing the vultures housed in it, Rock is located on the corner of the Midi and the Moro overlooking Joca. We will continue to source and neck Rock Rock (bathe in the fountain Vultures). Follow the gully and fantastic espatarrant Orion where we would meet with the eye of Cyclops and stone bridge. Follow the path down to the ravine where there are bars and bars of the escarrissó source Moreno. In the vicinity is the spectacular water hole. The last pujadeta the path leading to the Col de Lloret. From here everything is mixed down track and path where there are cattle and bulls and is easy to see vultures. The court will find a wooden hut on the right serves as a refuge for wildlife avistament. Will continue until we go down the windy and neck area of ​​the horse pasture to the Fountain of bull Friday and More of fat. And there, take the paved path down to the park.

In total approximately 13.5km in length, with 1000m of vertical descent of both upstream and you can do in a 3 a 8 hours depending on the pace and stops.

To celebrate the magnificent route we ended up in a ravine Banyets Lloret and we will look for a chicken snack that we earned al'ast!!!.

Here the track teniu:

+routes Wikiloc to channel.

Opening of climbing Tortosa

Posted: March 18th, 2011

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After many years of struggle, The UEC Tortosa make the project has achieved a very competitive climbing wall with the help of the City of Tortosa FEEC. Years ago a climbing wall was set in New Bridge, bridges later in the abandoned railway tracks and even the headquarters of the UEC. Nothing to do in the current project within the municipal hall, where the height reaches its peak 12 i meters of tea a amplada 18 metres, el that allows for a 30 meeting points distributed by the climbing wall. This configuration leaves open the possibility of multiple combinations between different routes in an area of 250 square meters. S'ha instal·lat gateway·at the top and through access to the same level of security for the routes for beginners. It also has a long collapses allowing routes with more difficulty 20 meter course with a total of 2000 press install·was. It is therefore, una millor to instal·facilities of its kind nationwide.

Fi, a true work of art lovers will enjoy climbing the highest.
Congratulations to all the board's current UEC Tortosa and the people who worked for many years to make this possible.