Day: Motivation

Primer Inspiració, després Motivació i finalment experimentar i viure!

Posted: July 30th, 2014

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Dare to fulfill your dreams?

Posted: December 21st, 2012

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Often when people tells my ideas for future trips, the expedition challenge, in responen: but for this you do? who make this? this is fun? which desire to suffer! Pa queee?!!!!

I leave a motivational video to understand why some people feel the need to do new things in life, trying to make our dreams come true, to make our “pat Mousehole” irrespective of what people say just to experience small or great experiences that bring us happiness and above all we dare to leave our comfort zone to enter into unknown areas in search of adventure and learning.

I tu? dare you to fulfill your dreams?

Reflections on mountaineering and other paranoia

Posted: December 3rd, 2012

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Here you have some quotations from some climbers :

As much as I travel the world behind the beauty, never find it if you do not carry with us.

Louis Audobert

Loneliness is a force that kills you if you are not prepared to overcome, but that takes you beyond your means if you know to use it to your advantage.

Reinhold Messner

Returned alive, returned as friends, outisde the summit. By this order.

Roger Baxter-Jones

When may one day depend? Under certain conditions all, life.

Kurt Diem Berger

Who feels the mountain needs no explanation and no walls while, needles and edges, shall fray them climb, enjoy making, but do not understand exactly why.

Josep Anglada Manuel

Large mountains are not fair or unfair, they are just dangerous.

Reinhold Messner.

Nothing would have happened if someone had not imagined.

Reinhold Messner

The value of a climber is inversely proportional to the amount of material that is carried.

Reinhold Messner

There are two types of climbers… intel climbersigentes and dead climbers.

Don Whillans.

The top is halfway.

Ed Visteurs

The climber is who leads your body wherever one day his eyes soñaron.

Gaston Rébuffat

The best training consisted of going to the pub, drink 5/4 beer and talk about climbing.

Ron Fawcett

Have we vanquished an enemy? A ninguno, except ourselves. Have we won a kingdom? Not, and yet other. We have achieved complete satisfaction, We have materialized. Fighting and understand, never one without the other, this is the law.

George Mallory

Glacier Perito Moreno (Argentina)