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La tempesta Glòria

Posted: January 27th, 2020

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La violenta tempesta Glòria ha destrossat bona part del litoral català i ha deixat en estat de màxima alerta a tot el país degut a la pluja, neu i vent.

La zona més afectada de les Terres de l’Ebre és sense dubte el Delta, on dies desprès encara estan per veure els greus danys ocasionats quan es retiri o no el mar que ha anegat els conreus i platges.

També grans afectacions a la Terra Alta on pareix que hagi passat un tifón. Molts d’arbres al terra, esfondraments de granges, esllavissaments, etc.

Altres llocs afectats han sigut els camins, barrancs i cases en zones inundables. També als que ens agrada l’esport de muntanya, s’han vist afectades les pistes dels ports, camins, la via verda, etc Ha sigut un temporal remarcable com feia anys que no es recordava.

Aquestes circunstancies han fet que hi hagués una nevada extraordinària al port però seguida de dos dies de plujes que ha fet que la neu es fongués i es transformés. Però encara hi ha condicions per realitzar activitats en raquetes o esquís de muntanya durant alguns dies (neu molt humida).

La llevantada ha fet córrer aigua a dojo per tots els barrancs i hi ha la ocasió de fer barrancs amb aigua que normalment van secs. Amb precaució com sempre en les primeres hores o dies perquè anaven molt passats durant l’episodi de plujes.

Es tardaran setmanes en restaurar els efectes que ha deixat la tempesta Glòria.

Explosive cyclogenesis

Posted: February 5th, 2014

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The explosive cyclogenesis (‘Weather bomb '), associated with a deep Atlantic low pressure, that left heavy snow on Monday and Tuesday winds, tend to lose strength, although total 24 Spanish provinces of 12 regions are on alert Wednesday for waves up to 9 metres, winds of up to 90 km / There snowfalls of up to 15 inches thick on the ground.

In these last days have been waves of more than 20 meters in Galicia, specifically Stake Bares (La Coruna).Regions of the Atlantic in the north of Spain that is usually a sign of greater height onatje, according to the data computed by the State Transportation.

These waves have claimed several victims in recent days in the Cantabrian. Deserves a reflection on the fact that they were fishermen, mariners ni surfistes, but people who watched the spectacle of the waves on beaches or jetties and were swallowed up by the sea unstoppable brute force e.

I leave you a series of graphs which explains the formation of waves and various data:

Fonts: State Ports,Ministry of Development. The Diary.

This time is crazy…

Posted: August 18th, 2013

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This weekend I made a getaway on the road and drive Moncayo, de repent va venir un vendaval i un gran ruixat que en segons s’ha convertit en calamarsa. There was so much stone that I had left the road due to lack of traction and shelter me under an oak.

I en uns deu minuts d’apoteòsi climàtica, els espetecs han deixat pas a un cel destapat i un gran arc de Sant Martí:

Este temps està boig

L’Ascens al Moncayo o “Pico San Miguel” (2.314m) és de dificultat moderada-baixa en aquesta època de l’any i pot ser difícil en època hivernal degut a les condicions de neu i gel. Is the roof in the province of Soria and Zaragoza, essent també la màxima elevació del Sistema Ibèric i un dels cims més rellevants de la Península Ibèrica.

Here you have the route of ascent Moncayo.

+ routes al meu wikiloc.

Posted: November 2nd, 2012

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The weather on the mountain and adventure activities especially, is a very important aspect to consider. It is not just whether the wind will, if you wet, if you have the agafr jaquesta refreshes itself or if we can not take pictures; This is a very important safety issue.

Before starting the activity I will report on the weather conditions and the possible evolution of the.

Plan activities and keep in mind its possible duration (consultation tour guides and maps). It is important to carry updated maps of the area you anticipate travel.

It is important to be accompanied or, but, informe'm someone that we planned activity, the route and the estimated time.
Bring equipment and material relevant to the activity you want to do. Especially, the possibility that it gets dark, is very important to wear an LED front light and warm clothing.

During the activity: If you group, keep in touch with classmates. it is also important to set benchmarks along the way to guide us, Moisturizing us often and eat energy foods.

In case of accident: Keep calm and call the emergency telephone 112. Calls to this service can be made even from mobile phones that have no balance. We need to be precise and convey the message that said the accident site; the number of victims and the age; the status of the injured: if injured, conscious, if bleed and breathe and clarify if weather conditions of the accident site.

Currently there are many resources to keep us properly informed on this point, through conventional media and, via the Internet, al web del Meteorological Service of Catalonia, and many others.

I like to emphasize this source because in recent years I have verified that they have a high probability of ACERT and provide lots of interesting information (avalanche danger, weather problems alerts,etc.). They work fine·slower and more accurate than other sources of weather information that can be found on the internet. In recent days it has been decided from the central government of Spain to save and avoid duplication, This service should be eliminated because there is a State Meteorological Serviceia AEMET.

Duplication between state and regional agencies have been growing in good times. With the crisis, however, have become a heavy weight to the public purse. Duplication in meteorology, between the State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet) and the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (Meteocat), cost six million euros per year.

From here I want to express my support and that perhaps is the state agency that is a duplication incurrint and perhaps their technicians who should lose his job because Catalonia gifts are an agency recognized Worldwide works with Excel·Excellence and daily data collection 170 weather stations scattered around the country getting a lot more data than the state with 70 (Most installed·recently established and in many cities that already had the SMC station). Where is the real duplicity!