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Travel to India

Posted: June 4th, 2011

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Bustle and exoticism.

This time we decided to take a tour of central India. After getting a flight for less than 400 € with Lufthansa adventure I decided to go exploring around 1500 kilometers through this fascinating country.

First I must say that ignore the people who have never been in India, So this is a country to visit and see for yourself its contrasts.

We visited my country in May so it is pre-monsoon season, warm and very little tourist.

We began the journey to Delhi where we first reaction was that the airport seemed of any European city, which will disappoint some. We take transport to the city and we see enseguida aggressive driving style Indian. Standards indesxifables traffic completely for me and continued use of the horn, but exaggerate!. I imagine the teacher telling the student driving traffic rules are the same as in a street fight: less often in low, bite and sting my eyes even if it. A real lack!.

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