Day: Andes

Documentary: Touching the void

Posted: November 17th, 2012

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Interesting documentary on the history of mountain rescue in extreme.
It made me the creeps!.

Address: Kevin MacDonald.
Country: UK.
Any: 2003.
Duration: 106 min.
Gender: Documentary.

The year was 1985 quan Joe Simpson (Bren-donen Mackey) i Simon Yates (Nicholas Aaron) rushed to the assault of the western face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. Estaven in full shape, were young and good climbers. The western side, plus remote, was treacherous and nobody had climbed before. After three days of smooth ascent, Simpson suffered a short fall in which he broke several bones of the leg. Aware that they could not rescue, they decided to get off together. To achieve this, Yates had lower Simpson hundred feet hundred meters. A slow and dangerous for both. Inadvertently, Yates did spend Simpson over the edge of a crack. The slope became steep vertical wall and I had nowhere to grab. Convinced that the two were going to fall empty, Yates decided to cut the cord. But Simpson survived the fall and managed to crawl to the base camp. A “Touching the void”, Yates and Simpson return to Siula Great first to tell your story.