Welcome! My name is Joan Ramirez, I am a lover of nature and adventure sports and this is my website. In this area there is information about my adventures and my travels for my friends and family. Maybe it will be interesting for you too..

Among the information found on this website are the chronicles of my travels and expeditions,my projects, photos, videos, gps routes, my blog, etc.

I'm not a professional athlete , I'm not trying to break any record, I will not do anything unpublished. Sometimes, I am the shame of athletes / adventurers ;) , but sometimes I make things interesting. I am a normal person who believes that life should be "lived" and dreams must be pursued. Here are my dreams into reality and in essence my "copetsderatera".

If you believe that life is an adventure not to be missed and you like new experiences and personal challenges perhaps this space will be interessant for you. . Greetings.

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