Mayan Riviera is not only a beach destination, is also a cultural and adventure destination.

As not only the lives of mountain adventurer in this case went to the Riviera Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It's a destination a little too exotic for my taste Desk. However much we enjoyed the stay and we met the goal of relaxation.

The Riviera Maya stretches over more 130 kms. of coastline, located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico and over the Caribbean Sea. Mayan Riviera is not only a beach destination, it is also a destination for cultural research in search of the soul through the magnificent Mayan archaeological treasure existing in the area. The area was one of the most populated of the ancient Maya Empire, currently exist in many archeological sites that preserve the splendor and culture of this civilization. Many other sites remain to be recovered. In addition, this area is conducive to the adventure because of the existence of the forest, cenotes and the beautiful turquoise sea where you can go scuba diving, kayak or any other water activity. There are large areas of ecological reserves have remained almost unchanged with lush flora and fauna.

We stayed in a Spanish chain of hotels that are in Playa del Carmen near Cancun , and the first day we enjoy the beach, food and native of the city of Playa del Carmen. But as usual we do in our Travel, Lorena in the, we decided to explore the area. One possibility is the Yacht driverless vehicles. This option is not recommended for tourists as we spoke with another couple who had a problem with a police officer who asked a bribery to avoid a fine, more security problems and traffic. Amb Wherefore, acordavem trips every day low price with a driver in Playa del Carmen, which in turn made us guidance and explained the customs of the country.

Among the trips we made are as follows:

-  Chichén Itzà: The most representative monument and spectacular Mayan Culture. Founded in the fifth century BC. and inhabited until the thirteenth century AD. time when they mysteriously disappeared. We visit all the wonderful geological deposit and in the afternoon we visited the beautiful city of Valladolid.

-  Tulum: are the only existing Mayan ruins on the Caribbean Sea. It is an idyllic and fascinating in terms of architecture. In the evening we went to Xel-ha, a vast natural aquarium in the middle of the jungle where we dive and navigate among the mangroves. Called Xel.ha meaning mixture of water where saltwater from the sea mixes and sweet and mangrove creeks.

-I Cancun Isla Mujeres: we did this on our own to take a bus station in Playa del Carmen to Cancun destination. We visit the great city of Cancun and there we took a ferry to Isla Mujeres., which was sanctified by Mayes. It is now a tourist destination ideal for the practice of snorkeling and scuba diving.

-  Cobà i cenotes: we venture into the jungle to visit a village called descendants of the current Mayan. We visited an underground cenote open another; and visited the archaeological site of Coba. This pyramid if you can upload unlike Chichen Itza to see the magnificent views.

Regarding food las tortas are typical maize, beans, guacamoles, enchiladas, tacos,etc.. Among beverages: Beer, Tequila, i mescal, pulque.

Note that between June 1 and 30 November is hurricane season. We agree with that we went about 400 km from the coast and we can not be affected during the stay but if we suffer the consequences as turbulence in the return plane.

Do not forget sunscreen for the relentless sun and mosquito repellent.

To be a tourist destination, security in this area is very good and has nothing to do with the rest of the country. Despite the presence of heavily armed police and military is an idyllic destination. This area offers many opportunities for visitors to some of which we leave for future occasions such as open sea diving or scuba diving in Cozumel espeològic in cenotes.