City and mountain. Marrakech i Atlas

Making the Constitution Bridge, I decided to go to Morocco amounted Toubkal and visit Marrakech.

The Toubkal is the highest peak in Morocco, the Atlas Mountains and the entire North Africa. The climb begins in the small Berber town of Imlil. There and in neighboring Aremd, I enjoy welcoming Berber and its way of life.

Once the top, I traveled to Marrakech. This is one of the most important cities of Morocco, and Rabat along, Meknes and Fez, one of the four imperial cities.

Its location between the Sahara, the majestic mountain formation of the Atlas and the Anti Atlas makes being in the center of a crossroads where merchants, merchants, poets and travelers took to stop site for centuries.

The medina, full of history, part of Monuments Heritage, the attractiveness of its streets, narrow intersecting, I am busy or colorful square Jemma El Fna are the key points for city tour. Although most of the religious buildings and mosques, are not accessible to non-Muslims, for its uniqueness, should be in this guide.

Marrakech is the city with hotels and accommodations. Amongst hotels of note are riads, manicured mansions converted into places where all the facilities available alongside traditional décor and refined. In addition, thanks to its international airport Marrakech Menara, and road connections, the city has an excellent·slow communication with other countries and their own country.