Height: 6.962 m.
Location: Andes ( Province of Mendoza - Argentina)
Main difficulties: Height and unstable weather
Expedition Dates: December 2011.

Almost mythical mole 7000 metres, bringing its summit into the sky, while its shadow is projected from the desert to the ocean. Scenary of unusual stories, of great feats of courage and heroism.


Aconcagua, amb els their imponents 6.962 metres, is the highest peak in America. It is located in western Argentina, dels Andes on Serralada, in the Province of Mendoza. This peak represents, more, the maximum height out of the Himalayas.

The origin of the name Aconcagua recognizes several possible roots. Aymara language means "snowy peak", Mentre els Mapuche, to Chile, would give the same name as the river anomenaben "Aconca-Hue", or "What comes from the other side". The most frequent but acepció, “Centinel·the de Pedra ", the quetchua "Akonkahuak".

This could give an idea about the people that had to do with this peak throughout history. One of the biggest challenges is saved, undoubtedly, vestigis the presence of the great Inca of Peru civilització, that dominated the alcaldes, in its advanced through northwestern Argentina.

Itself, is a high mountain range that culminates in two peaks, the north to the south; the first of which is the highest. In the vicinity are many peaks that exceed 5.000 metres. For the Montanya, this peak does face the danger of high altitude and climate brutally unstable.

The key point to reach the summit of Aconcagua is in a good acclimatization, have good physical shape and have sufficient time to have a window of good weather to attack the summit.

Please perform the climb via the normal route or the route of the Polish, a different route on Aconcagua and beautiful shows his wild side and where the spirit of adventure is present at every step. Crossing the base of the legendary Polish Glacier advance until reaching the normal route.

So, After climbing Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), the highest mountain of the whole African continent with a height of 5895m il'Elbrus (Russia), the highest mountain on the European continent with a height of 5.642m; I intend to challenge this year to climb the tallest mountain in the Americas, 6.962m amb l'Aconcagua. It is also the highest of the entire Southern Hemisphere and the highest outside the Himalayas.


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