Una destinació exòtica.

Leveraging our honeymoon in Australia, where we made a pretty rough road, we decided to scale back on this wonderful island of Indonesia. It is a very exotic location but too touristic for my taste. However much we enjoyed the stay and we met the goal of relaxation.
Do not think that we be drawn to the beach, but we go around half-island visiting temples, camps d’arròs, volcanoes, Balinese theater, Cities,craft markets, etc and soak us life and customs Balinese.

Ens vam allotjar en un dels hotels d’una cadena espanyola que hi ha a Nusa Dua, and the first day we enjoy the beach ( sòls pel matí que per la tarde desapareixia per la marea baixa), del menjar autòcton i de la ciutat de Denpasar. Pero com fem de costum en els nostres viatges, Lorena in the, we decided to explore the island. One possibility is the Yacht driverless vehicles. This option is not recommended for a tourist to Bali since the roads do not meet the standards of Europe. The mediocre senyalització, is very easy to get lost in some areas and there is a lot of hustle van, cars and motorcycles milers. No hi ha a large “culture” automovilística and is very easy to find in an accident. Amb Wherefore, we agreed a price with a local driver every day while we had a guide and explained the customs of the country.

As Bali is very close to the Ecuador has only two stations, the dry i the plujosa. We go there in the dry season from May to October. But in pot ploure qualsevol de l'any time. Com is a tropical country, every day in the hot lowlands and the coast with temperatures between 24 in 32 º C, down to 15 º C in the upland and mountain areas. But the humidity can make it very suffocating heat.

In Bali is traveling with U.S. dollars. L’Euro, és acceptat en alguns comerços de Kuta, Nusa Dua, etc. . But the moment, not change the situation of freehold USdollar. With ever, I prefer to trek in local currency, in this case is the Rupiah.

Bali is an exception in Muslim Indonesia, Here the religion prevails “Hindu Bali” WBA 95 % the població, sols the Muslim essent 2.5 %, the Christian 1.75 % i Buddhist 1.75 %. Reality exists in a surprising variety of religions and a commendable degree of religious tolerance. There are thousands of temples large spectacular, made with large blocks of volcanic rock around the island. Però cada casa també té el seu petit temple on cada dia realitzen petites ofrenes de menjar, flowers, etc as per esperits.

In addition to coexist Indonesia 330 different languages ​​and dialects, which mostly belong to Malay and Polynesian language groups. De totes they, learned the language chosen as the official language is Bahasa Indonesian. The English spoken in many parts of the country, and especially as a tourist destination. We we had no problem with that little accent speaking English ( this is “by” you, Alonso “formula” one,etc.) i if not Parlava, are friendly people understand that they are no problem with signs or other way.

The Balinese food is characterized by its extraordinary variety. Espectacle of colors is a, aromas and flavors. Despite that rice is the common denominator in all dishes, This is seasoned differently every time.

The satay is one of the most typical dishes. Son pinchos de carn de corder o pollastre, amb servits cacahuets sauce. Altres between ingredients, soy sauce pot bear, suc de llima, cacahuets, Total, curry, honey,coconut, etc..

Regarding drinks, els of tropical fruit juices, Indonesian tea and coffee are pretty good, as well as beer and rice wine Bintang Bali Bremen. Beure Recomano noise or bottled water, to avoid unpleasant. Into account the natural juices that come to the street.

Throughout the Jimbaran beach there are small restaurants ( Tents) offering fresh seafood and quality at a reasonable price and with a little luck with a performance of live music.

Among the sites I recommend visiting the capital Denpasar and Kuta shopping center, algúns dels mercats d’artesans en talles de fusta i artesans picapedrers a Ubud, les platjes de Nusa Dua i Jimbaran , els temples dUluwatu, Tanah Lot i el fantàstic temple Pura Ulun Danau Bratan ( a Bedugul), the benches of rice fields and mountains of the interior of the island, el volcà Kintamani o les danses balineses a Celuk.

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