A country, many havens.

Australia is a vast country remains the only entire continent takes over 36735km of coastline bathed by the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and Arafura Sea. Instead, has a population of only 18 million people living practically distributed along the coast, leaving nearly uninhabited desert the center of the continent.

There cosmopolitan cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and spectacular natural parks and reserves, Which of 14 are World Heritage Sites, Emphasizing the Great Barrier Reef with its 2000km. All these are interesting facts that add a fascinating Aboriginal culture centered in the Northern Territory from Darwin to Ayers Rock coastline within.

This was our honeymoon. This country had always fascinated the antithesis of Spain, so different in landscapes, costums i fauna. We flew from Barcelona to London, London to Singapore and from Singapore to Sydney on a vol d'join marató 24 hours in which I pay excess celebration ceremony added to jet lag. Having abandoned the initial idea of ​​renting a motorhome to explore the region on an adventure to lack of time, we joined a group with a guide.

To meet Australia in the Southern Hemisphere, stations are unlike Spain, for example when it is winter here is summer there. We we traveled in September so there was spring but it did feel quite suffocating as the heat especially in the center of the country.

The first days we spent in the cosmopolitan and sophisticated Sydney. It is the largest city in Australia and has one of the most beautiful bay in the world. Among the places to visit: Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson), The Rocks, Harbour Bridge (with spectacular views), Opera House, Circular Quay, Macquarie Place, darling Harbour, the acuari, and monorail, Chinatown, Australian Museum, Botanical Gardens, the fish market, Fort Denison, Bondi beach, King Cross i Paddington.

In addition we created a cruise on the bay, Featherdale Wildlife Park we visited where we know more about Australian fauna and we created some trekking to the next Blue Mountains.

Of cosmopolitan Sydney we flew to the center of the continent desert, a Ayers Rock, in a 4 hores vol. There Varem visit the base of the rock Uluru, 9km circumference and countless caves that tell us stories about Aboriginal culture with its paintings and legends. We decided not to climb on top of the rock 348m, So for Aborigines is a sacred mountain. Here we enjoy a spectacular sunset in the desert.

Amid dyed red dunes arise 2 rock formations sacred to Aborigines: the immense monolith of Uluru and The Olgas prominent doom. The next morning we make a trek for Olgas Mountains and the Valley of the Wind. We also visit the Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Centre of the Australian desert we fly to Cairns, with a tropical climate is located on the east coast and is the capital of North Queensland. Cairns is a good base for discovering the stunning Great Barrier Reef with its islands and its reefs.

The first day we make a catamaran cruise to explore the crystal waters Barrier Reef, where after two hours of sailing we sighted land on a reef where they could make dives to enjoy the magnificent and varied marine life existing in the area. The return to the catamaran was quite an adventure, So we took a tropical storm that caused major waves with a true vomit party on boat, including the CREW.

The next day we make a trek through the rain forest PNde Wooroonooran, Bruce Highway crossing to Josephine Falls. We also visited a crocodile farm Johnstone and Babinda Boulders in the natural pools.

To finish our tour of the fascinating we fly to Australia Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory. It is a quiet and relaxed tropical city. There we visited the majestic P.N. Cockatoo with fascinating landscapes salvatjes, red rocks and large flat billabongs.
Another day we created a mini-cruise on the Yellow Water Lagoon to observe a variety of birds and saltwater crocodiles. Later we moved to Nourlangie or Ubirr Rock where you can admire paintings Aboriginal Engravings and fascinating legends.