A natural Paradis.

Argentina is one of those countries that have inmensos a variety of landscapes, nature, the fauna civilització. From the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires, in wild Patagonia, the Tierra del Fuego inospito, unexplored landscapes of the Cordillera Darwin or tropical Iguazu Falls. An extraordinarily interesting country for travelers and a haven for adventurers.

On this occasion we design on our own path through Stub book of Aerolineas Argentinas. This offer allowed us to take up to five flights to travel around the country at a price sufficient economic.

We flew to Buenos Aires flights to Rome by. Yes, is… vam fly from Barcelona to Buenos Aires vol amb a low cost d'Alitalia. Once in town we got hands to work and we explored the neighborhoods most important and characteristic (La Recoleta, San Telmo, Puerto Madero, etc.). Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city with a strong European influence. The city center but stately buildings which include notes of the deep scar “playpen”. What was once a magnificent city, currently trying to survive the crisis with dignity.

From Buenos Aires to Ushuaia we flew on a flight of four and a half hours. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. This environment and an attractive and give a special charm. There we visited the small town, We enjoyed the museums and the extraordinary “roasts” els and the restaurants “free fork” i la “crab”. Near Ushuaia we performed a walk to Martial Glacier and other trekking the magnificent natural park of Tierra de Fuego.

From Ushuaia, we boarded the Antarctic to carry us towards a Expedition exploration in Antarctic wildlife 12 this.

Once back in Ushuaia we flew to El Calafate, in full Regió Patagonia. In El Calafate we were lucky enough to enjoy the annual festival of dressage and folklore. Among “choripanes”, Popular dances and singing “palladors” We enjoy a competition of dressage horses by “gauchos”.

We also perform a cavalcade of an entire day (40km us)wonderful stay in the Rock Lake where we visited some cave paintings, we made a roast and we see the Perito Moreno glacier from a privileged view.

The next day we made a visit to Perito Moreno glacier bottom of the catwalk·the, with a small cruise and we explore the same with minitrekking, any spectacular.

In the cold Patagonia we flew to Iguazu tropical. We visit the stunning Iguazu Falls from Brazilian side and from the Argentine side. We also go to “Three Borders Landmark”, on s’uneixen Argentina, I Paraguay Brazil. One other cop a natural paissatge maravellòs.

After this embarrassment of natural paradises we return to the bustling Buenos Aires to finish visiting the city and thence back home.