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Monumental trees Ports.

Posted: February 20th, 2014

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Meet our giant nature! Als Ports tenim un dels conjunts d’arbres monumentals més importants del nostre país.

Són els avantpassats dels nostres pins, holm, roures, faigs, yew, trees, … In addition to its exceptional size, hide wonderful stories told by their survival and have earned respect, admiration and esteem of the people of the territory .

Here 17 Monumental trees declared or proposed to be visited. Excepte el Pi de Balija i Lo Parot, tots estan dins del territori del Parc Natural dels Ports. Alguns d’aquests arbres es troben en terrenys particulars. Respecteu la propietat privada.

Dolomiti Superski again…

Posted: February 18th, 2014

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Dolomiti Superski The largest deserved a second visit. Although the 2011 There we made an expedition to fund, This year we wanted to repeat this natural wonder which is true both in winter and in summer.

The series of storms that have ravaged the coast in recent weeks with temporary Atlantic and Cantabrian, continued until the Alps downloading large amounts of snow. There were hints of more 3 in 4 meters thick and snow conditions superb off-piste powder snow and the only prevention that there was a level 3 (about 5) Avalanche- risc moderat.

Located halfway between the Italian regions of Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige(South Tyrol), Superki the Dolomiti is the largest ski area in the world, always speaking domain where all your tracks are connected by lifts but managed by a joint venture. A total of 12 Àrees totaling 1.200 km, all united under one package. His park lifts capable of transporting more than 630.000 when skiers.

Their leaders come to describe this vast domain, a ‘War Machine’ well oiled and always on the move thanks to a staff of more than 3.000 people in peak season.

Some data Dolomiti Superski:

- Skiing area: 3.000 km2
- Km of tracks: 1.200
- Lifts: 450
- Transport capacity: 630.000
- Employees: 3.000

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Explosive cyclogenesis

Posted: February 5th, 2014

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The explosive cyclogenesis (‘Weather bomb '), associated with a deep Atlantic low pressure, that left heavy snow on Monday and Tuesday winds, tend to lose strength, although total 24 Spanish provinces of 12 regions are on alert Wednesday for waves up to 9 metres, winds of up to 90 km / There snowfalls of up to 15 inches thick on the ground.

In these last days have been waves of more than 20 meters in Galicia, specifically Stake Bares (La Coruna).Regions of the Atlantic in the north of Spain that is usually a sign of greater height onatje, according to the data computed by the State Transportation.

These waves have claimed several victims in recent days in the Cantabrian. Deserves a reflection on the fact that they were fishermen, mariners ni surfistes, but people who watched the spectacle of the waves on beaches or jetties and were swallowed up by the sea unstoppable brute force e.

I leave you a series of graphs which explains the formation of waves and various data:

Fonts: State Ports,Ministry of Development. The Diary.