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About Sierra Godall?

Posted: January 28th, 2013

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The Serra de Godall a range of some littoral limestone 10 km long located in the municipalities of Godall and Ulldecona small part to the region Montsiá. Presents NE-SW orientation, Parallel·compares to the Montsant mountain range that follows the line of the coast. It is separated from the valley or pit Ulldecona Freginals.

Sierra is a mountain Godall, lower elevation than the Montsiá, Parallel shape s'estén·time as the first, delimiting the inside, Hole Ulldecona and from the Castle Ulldecona to Freginals. This lower elevation, affects mostly less demanding routes, although it is very varied and attractive. Throughout its surface we can find Ventalles, l’Ermita, The cave paintings and Medieval Castle, proof of their natural wealth and heritage. Also very interesting all the constructions dry stone found there and witness the use that has been made throughout history.
In the inner slope of the Sierra La Galera and find Godall, neighboring towns and places of passage for some interesting routes.

Here you have a route across the mountains across from Godall Freginals to Ulldecona, through some of the most charming of the Sierra:

+ routes meu wikiloc

La comunitat RCC s´apunta al repte solidari IO Trailwalker

Posted: January 27th, 2013

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The comunitat RCC s’apunta al repte solidari en favor de Intermón Oxfam patrocinant al RE6TEAM.

La Comunitat RCC és una iniciativa promoguda per Red Shio2e, per desenvolupar l’àmbit local dels territoris, impulsar la pime i el petit comerç, dinamitzar teu negoci, captar our customers, communicate with them and retain them.

The team RE6TEAM born of illegal·reference to four friends to participate in the IO trailwalker, one of the challenges the world's largest team to fight poverty and injustice.

On 20 April 2013, el RE6TEAM juntament amb els nostres patrocinadors, colaboradors i amics: caminarem per lluitar contra la pobresa y la injustícia. Tots units per millorar una mica el mòn.

Moltes gràcies a Community RCC pel vostre recolzament.

Un any més, Dinahosting renova el patrocini.

Posted: January 14th, 2013

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L’empresa de serveis d’internet Dinahosting, un any més renova el patrocini d’aquesta web. Thank you for your·laboració en aquest humil projecte.

Dinahosting Néixer the 2002 amb l’objectiu d’oferir serveis integrals d’internet, Domains, hosting and dedicated servers. The development and growth since its inception dinahosting is based on two fundamental premises: confiança en la tecnologia pròpia i desenvolupament de solucions sempre des de la perspectiva i necessitats de cada client.