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RE6TEAM – Intermón Oxfam Trailwalker

Posted: December 24th, 2012

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The team RE6TEAM born of illegal·reference to four friends to participate in the IO trailwalker, one of the challenges the world's largest team to fight poverty and injustice.

The 20 in 21 abril 2013 participarem en aquest esdeveniment que és un dels majors desafiaments esportius i solidaris del món.

And why is this the Trailwalker? Doncs bé, is a sporting challenge and extraordinary human: walk 100 miles a menu the 32 hours in a team 4 people, no relief.

Does our goal? ¡Fight poverty and injustice in the world! To equip, we promise to get at least 1.500 € to support the work of Oxfam in more than 40 African, Àsia i Amèrica Llatina.

En els pròxims mesos: el Josep, Jordi, Miquel i jo, amb el suport de Noelia i  el Josep, try to breathe a little hope in the Sahel through Oxfam projects.

In the Sahel countries (West Africa, to the south of the Sahara), thousands of people wandering the desert looking for a medium that allows food and more 18 milions de persones estan en risc de patir una crisi alimentària molt severa, entre elles, More than 1 million children who could suffer severe malnutrition.

Women should keep the family when her husband goes away to find work. And when at home there is nothing left to eat, loaded their children in tow and walk kilometers and kilometers, malnourished and exhausted, fins a aconseguir un centre d’ajuda o un camp de refugiats que els permeti sobreviure. Per això, caminarem perquè elles no hagin de fer-ho!

Visita la nostra pàgina d’equip i anima’t a col · labor!

You can also follow all the activities during these months in our Facebook group:

RE6TEAM: Joan, Josep, The Jordi Miquel.

Dare to fulfill your dreams?

Posted: December 21st, 2012

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Often when people tells my ideas for future trips, the expedition challenge, in responen: but for this you do? who make this? this is fun? which desire to suffer! Pa queee?!!!!

I leave a motivational video to understand why some people feel the need to do new things in life, trying to make our dreams come true, to make our “pat Mousehole” irrespective of what people say just to experience small or great experiences that bring us happiness and above all we dare to leave our comfort zone to enter into unknown areas in search of adventure and learning.

I tu? dare you to fulfill your dreams?

Chasing Ice Movie

Posted: December 13th, 2012

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Photographer ‘National Geographic’ James Balog was a skeptic on climate change. But through his Extreme Ice Survey discovers undeniable evidence of the changes on our planet. In the·liculaChasing Iceveiem com Balog emprèn un viatge per l’àrtic i on filma mitjançant revolucionaries càmares dissenyades per al time-lapse amb un propòsit: capturar un registre de a través dels anys del canvi en els glaciars del mòn.

En aquest video es pot veure el trencament més llarg d’un iceberg mai filmat. Es tracta del despreniment d’un Iceberg a Groenlandia de la mida de l’illa de Manhattan!. In addition, shows the change of glaciers in different years. Són forçes de la naturalesa i variacions morfològiques profundes creades per l’efecte de l’acció de l’home.

And here is the trailer of the movie:

Us invito a investigar més sobre aquesta peli i la forma en que pot obrir els ulls als escèptics del canvi climàtic.

11 de Desembre. International Mountain Day.

Posted: December 11th, 2012

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International Mountain Day is an opportunity for Las create consciousness of the importance of mountains to life, d’assenyalar les oportunitats i les limitacions que afronta el desenvolupament de les zones muntanyoses, i de crear aliançes que produeixin un canvi positiu en les muntanyes i les terres altes del mòn.

The General Assembly of the United Nations dessignar 11 December, from 2003, International Mountain Day.

Nosaltres hem decidit recolzar aquesta campanya des del Toubkal

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Toubkal 4167m.

Posted: December 11th, 2012

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Toubkal is the highest peak height in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and the highest peak in all North Africa.

Although not a complicated top, has a special character and motivation of knowing Berber culture in a sign of hospitality and open the doors to allow alien environment that you can enjoy sharing a cup of tea.

The route runs between villages that populate the valley, sacred places, rius ...

Located just 70 km de Marrakech, His ascension is one of the most popular in this range, because it has French Alpine Club hut at its base . It is a mountain not to be contempt because the ground slopes are strong and've quite a lot of snow during the winter season with frequent ventisques on the final climb.

The climb begins in Imlil, a small Berber village surrounded by mountains located 1.740 m in the valley of Ait Mizane that marks the entrance to the Toubkal National Park. The electricity came to the village the 1997 thanks to a company that built a foreign tourist in his top luxury hotel.

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