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Better late than never

Posted: November 27th, 2012

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In the coming days I will be adding new photos of the expedition’Aconcagua 2011.




As promised. See + fotos Aconcagua.

Did you know that we live deceived?

Posted: November 26th, 2012

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Un mapamundi (Latin mappa mundi, "World map") is a mapping (map) the entire surface of the Earth. The material on which usually represents paper or skin. Depending on the way, a world map can be a globe, scale that reproduces the nearly spherical shape of the geoid, or terrestrial planisphere, scale that reproduces the theoretical result of some kind of geographical projection of the sphere on a flat earth.

Did you know that we live deceived? Doncs si. Since we have contributed to the school to teach that the world was so:

The map is called Mercator-projection and it's always been used in schools, Books, atlas,etc.…

This map omits the bottom (Antarctica) so that the equator passes 2/3 map, no pel mig.
By the time the justification for such deception is not a sphere can be represented in a plan keeping the proportions, or so we were told.
It is no coincidence that the map exaggerate the size of the countries of the north and south to reduce?

This projection maps were used in colonial times with great success. Europe was the dominant power of the day, and those who traveled to the new world to equatorial areas, had no major strain possessed. So, was created to diminish the importance of “Nou Món” and enlarge the importance of Europe, who became the great colonizer of America, Àfrica i Àsia. In Europe saw large and powerful, located in the center of the Earth, was feasible to think that the privilege enjoyed by some divine mandate, until the seventeenth century the Earth was the center of the universe. Five centuries later insisted on showing the world this disproportion is useless.
What is the size of Africa compared to North America?
Africa: 30.221.532 km ²
North America: 24.315.410 km ²
One can clearly see that Africa is bigger, but the maps are not well represented.

Similarly, Europe, to map, broader than Latin America, Latin America but actually doubles the area of ​​Europe. India seems smaller than Scandinavia, though it is three times larger.

The German cartographer Arno Peters presented 1974 your map, which instead of created by his colleague · Gerardus Mercator the Belgian colleague 1570 (used until today), shows a world designed by the actual square kilometers of each territory and not by its political or economic power. The result is surprising.

The Peters projection correctly reflects areas of countries, so is a projection equiareal. Meridians appear as parallel vertical lines · parallel and parallel · alleles as parallel horizontal lines · parallel that shortening the distance between them towards the poles. Forms of tropical and subtropical areas are narrower and elongated areas of high latitudes are more broadened and flattened projections in other common.

There are other projections of the globe that are even more realistic such as the Transverse Mercator projection meridian bands 20 degrees:

The following map, veiem el model Hobo-Dyer, countries who exhibits a ratio adjusted according to the actual surface:

The world view that each of us is crucial for the projection of our experiences, opinions and thoughts. With a map Unreal, be difficult to correctly understand the world and find our place in it.

P.N. Caddy Moixeró

Posted: November 25th, 2012

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The Park Moixeró is a protected area occupied 41.060 ha and includes 17 municipalities (Alas and Cerc, Alp, Bagà, Bellver de Cerdanya, Castellar de n’Hug, Cava, Das, Gisclareny, Gósol, Guardiola de Berguedà, Josa i Tuixén, la Vansa i Fórnols, Montellà i Martinet, Riu de Cerdanya, Saldes, Urús i Vallcebre) de tres comarques diferents (el Berguedà, la Cerdanya i l’Alt Urgell).

Located in the Pre-Pyrenees, Mountain Park is considered by its topography ranging·between the 800 m en el fons de les valls fins als 2.648m al punt culminant.

Les muntanyes que el formen són la serra del Cadí, the mountains of Moixerò, massif Pedraforca of Tosa and Puigllançada. També és en aquesta zona on conflueixen dos grans corrents d’aigua com són el Llobregat i el Segre.

Les dues grans serralades del Cadí i el Moixeró, unides pel coll de Tancalaporta, formen una impressionant barrera muntanyosa al punt d’unió entre el Prepirineu i el Pirineu.
És en aquesta zona on el Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró acull, a més d’una gran biodiversitat, llocs d’una bellesa i un atractiu especials.

El Pedraforca és una de les muntanyes més emblemàtiques de Catalunya. Aquesta muntanya té una forma molt característica pels seus dos grans cims separades per un gran coll, and the view is its flagship eastern slope. The north summit is composed of two peaks: Pollegó the Superior (2.506 m) (2.505 m). El cim sud la conforma el Pollegó Inferior (2.445 m). The nearest towns are Gósol Saldes.

Here you have a couple of routes:

Ascension Pedraforca Coll moss and cleft:

Ascension next Cabirolera:

En les dues hi ha moltes probabilitats de veure isards, cabirols i voltors entre altres espècies animals.

+ routes el meu wikiloc

World and it `s just we have not seen even half.

Posted: November 18th, 2012

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La web Tripadvisor, autoanomenada la web de viatges més gran del mòn, permet crear un mapa de llocs on hem estat en els nostres viatjes.

Aquest és el meu:

A més permet puntuar els llocs i opinar sobre ells. It also has discussion forums where extract information to organize our trip, ademés de motors de búsqueda i reserva de hotels, vols,etc.…

L’omnipotent GOOGLE també disposa de la seva aplicació anomenada google maps, bastant més acurada i poderosa pero una mica més enrevesada.

Veure copetderatera en un mapa més gran

Aquesta última permet al lector del blog ingresar en el mapa i explorar amb detall, cosa que el tripadvisor sòls permet desde la seva web o un cop s’ha compartit el mapa en el facebook.

Com a marcadors de llocs els dos estan prou bé pero si es decideix pel detall dels mapes , googlemaps no té rival. En quan a busqueda d’informació interessant sobre els llocs per a planificar un viatge, the tripadvisor is a very interesting tool. especially for people like us that we are our own travel agency.


Documentary: Touching the void

Posted: November 17th, 2012

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Interesting documentary on the history of mountain rescue in extreme.
It made me the creeps!.

Address: Kevin MacDonald.
Country: UK.
Any: 2003.
Duration: 106 min.
Gender: Documentary.

The year was 1985 quan Joe Simpson (Bren-donen Mackey) i Simon Yates (Nicholas Aaron) rushed to the assault of the western face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. Estaven in full shape, were young and good climbers. The western side, plus remote, was treacherous and nobody had climbed before. After three days of smooth ascent, Simpson suffered a short fall in which he broke several bones of the leg. Aware that they could not rescue, they decided to get off together. To achieve this, Yates had lower Simpson hundred feet hundred meters. A slow and dangerous for both. Inadvertently, Yates did spend Simpson over the edge of a crack. The slope became steep vertical wall and I had nowhere to grab. Convinced that the two were going to fall empty, Yates decided to cut the cord. But Simpson survived the fall and managed to crawl to the base camp. A “Touching the void”, Yates and Simpson return to Siula Great first to tell your story.