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The great fucked

Posted: October 31st, 2012

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The sports club Indi’s Folls with·assist in the upcoming adventures

Sharing the same way and enjoy the sport and I'm sure very interesting synergies.

See what made me get Wonders:

I'm sure envy you eat inside, but in t worry; you can get your customized T-shirt Indian shop's Follies.

The Indian's crazy organized the famous race The great fucked:

Throughout the year there are a handful of races, miles from the urban, going to the races in each city or town, to marathons and mountain races.
All races have their attraction: the site, by tracing, the difficulty ...

Indian Sports Club organizes Igualada's folly version 4.0 "La Gran Fucked" that brings together the best of each race, and also with a touch of originality never seen before.

La "Gran Follada", is the first race where the main feature will be run as a couple, and also tied at the waist with a rope.
"Great Fucked" is the first popular race couples, in nature, a fun layout and the difficulty associated with running on: married, separated, joints, couples, the fact that they are a couple, germans, cousins, amics ..., may participate

Great Fucked: cursa a crowd, fun and different. Animeus!