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Presentació de la nova campanya de Enginyeria Sense Fronteres

Posted: September 16th, 2011

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Ahir 15 September we presented the campaign "Meets your challenge. L’acte, took place in the magnificent terrace of the headquarters of the·College of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona (CETIB) amb una cinquantena d’assistents que van poder gaudir d’un concert de la millor música jazz amenitzat pel grup Music Arqueology, tot acompanyant-lo d’una copeta de cava.

El Sr. Víctor Cardona, responsible for CSR-Communication Safety Engineers and Mr.. Miquel Carrillo, Coordinator areas EWB were made the official presentation of the new campaign as promoters and then we talked my partner David and I glow explaining our challenge Aconcagua 2011 and our collective·Working with NGOs Engineers Without Borders. In short, intend to fulfill two dreams we had when we were kids: mountain climbing very high and somewhat remote and fix the world.

The campaign "Meets your challenge, launched with support from ESF Safety Engineers Foundation and of different·Professional Associations, pretén fomentar entre els enginyers i enginyeres de qualsevol part de l’Estat els valors de solidaritat, compromís social, transformation and will work for the common interest. The aim of the campaign is to help you and the members of the·reunite the group challenges and concerns pushed Initial work on the engineering sector.

It is clear that we are now in times of crisis, these are difficult times for everyone and we are all going wrong…But now when we think we were as good a couple years ago there were people who already went very wrong and now?

Engineering Without Borders working to support these disadvantaged communities of the Third World but not just install it·install solar panels and wind turbines in remote locations, do wells disadvantaged indigenous communities, make sanitation systems ,  etc…It also perform sensitivity West,participate in energy policy, environmental, etc. And this is more than the ESF funds that are currently sorely lacking … the issue goes far beyond: We must change our way of thinking and acting, veure el mòn desde un altre punt de vista que no sigui tan sòls l’occidental, me to get involved in the change necessary to give back to an unfair situation between “lucky” we live in the western world and “disadvantaged” living in regions exploited by western cometc.ies, make a change of mentality policies ‘energy use and environmental protection, etc

And although the campaign is aimed at engineers , crec que tothom hauria de fer algun tipus de reflexió com nosaltres ho estem fent. En fi que encara que estem en temps de crisis, es poden fer coses, i de fet s’estan fent, per arreglar una mica el mòn.

Fi, I will try to get my personal challenge while co·I work with ISF to get some of their challenges.