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Braised kayak

Posted: June 29th, 2011

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This Weekend, I decided to do a kayak trip with good weather and taking advantage of the party that had. The route that I usually carried out at various points shorter.

The initial plan was to go alone from Asco and go down to Mora de Ebro, where I meet with the group of Lorraine and his hiking club, which performed the journey to Miravet. But al'arribar in arrears, there was no sign of that group or any other; so I go down to see if they took. It turns out to be so many people have the preparaments enraderir too much and they go later so we do not find.

I continue paddling downstream fluently as this stretch is fast enough and tried to make the changing currents of the river from side to side. Once past that Miravet and magnificent view from the river and knowing that I no longer find the group decided to continue Lorraine. I found a first group of about 10 caiacs de l'company Beniemocions, Benifallet later I got up to advance a 40 kayaks with people of all ages and sizes. The truth is that the river was so alive but the joy of the Zodiac was the only company that estorbava creating waves and angry staff; one of its customers even pulled the kayak.
Fi, Once in a Benifallet a brief stop for lunch and al'Assut call to see how the lock was. L’operari, very kindly told me that there was no problem that was full and could go whenever you want. The maneuvering of the lock to cross the AZUD takes about 30 minutes of preparation and is not open all year, so you should call ahead to confirm that everything is correct (Weir: 977473158).

After lunch I undertake for me the slower the river where there is no power besides that afternoon and turned a wind bow wave that created a significant slowing down the progress of the kayak and even if I stopped paddling turned upstream. That section made me sweat even in Garbo al'Assut, where I entered the canal on the right that leads directly al'esclusa. Once I hit the wall in right then as left where the jetties where you can support scratchy and loud as the sun was quite asucarrat.
Within the anvil closed doors and is a strange feeling when you start with clear water when you remove the lid and wait a shower drain that is small and not s'emporte the kayak and me. Fi, when the level has dropped those feet is'obren doors that give way to the river as if you give way to freedom and return to row strongly. And then there Tortosa support ending the relentless sun of that afternoon of June and support the wind in order to stop me passing me im'obligava to be used in deep. This is a stretch too slow with little current and where it is difficult to orient oneself because the axis of the Ebro and the peoples of Aldover Bítem and lost amidst a landscape of beaches and river islands.

Fi, a sun estofat, Wind and kayaking with a distance of 61.74 km Ascó Tortosa a very interesting landscape.

Then I leave the track:

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Travel to India

Posted: June 4th, 2011

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Bustle and exoticism.

This time we decided to take a tour of central India. After getting a flight for less than 400 € with Lufthansa adventure I decided to go exploring around 1500 kilometers through this fascinating country.

First I must say that ignore the people who have never been in India, So this is a country to visit and see for yourself its contrasts.

We visited my country in May so it is pre-monsoon season, warm and very little tourist.

We began the journey to Delhi where we first reaction was that the airport seemed of any European city, which will disappoint some. We take transport to the city and we see enseguida aggressive driving style Indian. Standards indesxifables traffic completely for me and continued use of the horn, but exaggerate!. I imagine the teacher telling the student driving traffic rules are the same as in a street fight: less often in low, bite and sting my eyes even if it. A real lack!.

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