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Adding miles.

Posted: April 30th, 2011

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Taking advantage of the short time I left work and made great time today, despite forecasts, I decided to make a route that had long had yet to go to increase the mileage.

I started going the route of Tortosa in Tivenys the road to warm. There I caught a brutal track that rises and rises and rises …since Cardo. Endless curves and steep slopes that lead us to the Balneari de Cardó through a dirt track with fantastic views. Despite the rain of recent days,estava incredible track. Once the neck starts Murterar tip down the same path to the spa Cardó. Here we take the asphalt road down where I found a very roquetero machine, Juanjo has taught me where the take the track down to Benifallet before the house Comanegra, So I was a little adventure and do not want to reach Rasquera. Juanjo ride an spectacular Cannondale with a Lefty fork and with difficulties I have followed the fast trail of Costumà source since where we say goodbye; he has cut a path quite technical I have preferred not to do today to knee problems and thinking in the back stretch. I followed the paved road until Benifallet where I went in search of the Via Verda to Tortosa. This last section is not complexity but today was a real wind tunnel test. The difficulty of the route lies in the total amount of kilometers and the track up to Cardo. My odometer scored 64.54km .

+ Routes in my Channel of Wikiloc .

The 24 curves

Posted: April 22nd, 2011

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It is a mythic and technique path that allows us to get off the mountain bike cross la Raval de la Llet (Tortosa).It is a complicated path of ascent we will strive to the maximum and even put their feet on the ground that we have a very refined technique. Downhill, instead, xaladora is as though the closed curves are not very runner. The terrain is technical with loose stones and rocks and some scales.

Here you can see the route recorded at moderate speed:

There was a man stuck a nose…hehe

+ videos at copetderatera channel youtube.

The routes can be seen at copetderatera channel of Wikiloc .

Cheers & beers.!

Let's to say no…

Posted: April 22nd, 2011

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As Raimon said , Sometimes we have to say NO. There are times that I revolute stomach seeing the injustices in the world and in Europe we often do not realize we gave life more or less wealthy and privileged that we enjoy. There are companies and without scruples or ethics Goberna Europeans to even think about adding revenue and act without considering the repercussions of their actions especulatories.

What can we as citizens? Particular actions are limited and of little repercussion but many people grouped actions can create pressure that can influence these companies or Goberna for action to halt its especulatoria, halt unfair action plans, abusive and selfish, etc.

Some of the actions to be commented:

A grain of sand in the middle of a desert of injustice and inequality.


Posted: April 16th, 2011

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Stretching should be the crucial step between sedentary life and active life. They are often an essential step that we miss and we avoid many annoyances and improve our performance. Thanks to keep stretching your muscles flexible and prepare the body for movement.

This website displaying tables stretching for different sports and different areas of the body:

Stretching for kayak, for Ski, for trekking, for cycling, etc.

Notions Kayak

Posted: April 13th, 2011

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Here I leave an address explaining the basics of kayaking:

to paddling!