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Ports in the Delta by bike.

Posted: March 27th, 2011

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This weekend I stayed with my friend Xavier to make a route that we had outstanding training. Although the sections had, had not yet done all in one day. It followed the route of the greenway from Horta de Sant Joan (Ports de Tortosa-Beseit) fins to the Platja de migjorn (Delta de l'Ebre). In total some 90 kilometers of very interesting journey that allows us to contemplate a variety of landscapes exist in the Terres de l'Ebre. The difficulty lies mainly in the total number of kilometers traveled. Here the route deixa us:

+ rutes in my Channel Wikiloc of.

Honey Carxofera: càmara GoPro Hero HD

Posted: March 23rd, 2011

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After some tests with different conventional photo cameras and other specific sports such as Oregon ATC 2k, I finally found a really great camera in terms of size and video quality relationship.

This is the GoPro Hero camera HD: A very special video camera, sumergible it is up to 60m (according to instructions), pot is placed on a bicycle handlebar or helmet,so has a lot of accessories to make spectacular recordings in the field of adventure sports.

The model I have is the GoPro Hero Wide HD.

Features: 5 Mpixels. Lent 170 º (127No 1080p mode) . 32GB SDHC Memory Card. Video: Three selectable quality video: True HD:1920×1080 (1080p): 30 fps Max FOV HD: 1280 x 960(960p): 30 fps Slo-Mo HD: 1280 x 720 – (720p): 60 Recording fps slow motion (720P-60fps). Sequential shooting mode. Water-resistant 55m, thanks to its protective shell. Rechargeable USB mitjançant.

Key Benefits: Quality Shooting, iron pot fotografie, submersible, variety of mounting accessories and size.

Principals inconvenients: The costs and mounting accessories are plastic, sometimes a little weak for extreme sports.

As they say the Terres de l'Ebre, Honey you are Carxofera!.

Here I leave an example of recording:

+ Videos at Channel Copetderatera of Youtube.

Montaspre al later

Posted: March 19th, 2011

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This late-night I made up the non-competitive organized club Montaspre Bítem of newly created.

The Josep, the Michael, Jordi and I left for this round a circular 17,5 km journey through unfriendly terrain and wild but not uninteresting. The name is very well Montaspre escollit.El altitude of about 700m has been accumulated so as to climb down.

The initial idea of ​​the organization was to take the magnificent full moon today because the course had a duration of approximately 5 hours, but sense running, we have done in the first three hours or even less in some as Miguel; so only we could enjoy while waiting for the moon to dinner. A wonderful dinner based on Potato and beef juice that has helped the forces responded. In short, well organized around an interesting move by Sports club Montaspre.

Here I leave the track provided by the organization:

Opening of climbing Tortosa

Posted: March 18th, 2011

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After many years of struggle, The UEC Tortosa make the project has achieved a very competitive climbing wall with the help of the City of Tortosa FEEC. Years ago a climbing wall was set in New Bridge, bridges later in the abandoned railway tracks and even the headquarters of the UEC. Nothing to do in the current project within the municipal hall, where the height reaches its peak 12 i meters of tea a amplada 18 metres, el that allows for a 30 meeting points distributed by the climbing wall. This configuration leaves open the possibility of multiple combinations between different routes in an area of 250 square meters. S'ha instal·lat gateway·at the top and through access to the same level of security for the routes for beginners. It also has a long collapses allowing routes with more difficulty 20 meter course with a total of 2000 press install·was. It is therefore, una millor to instal·facilities of its kind nationwide.

Fi, a true work of art lovers will enjoy climbing the highest.
Congratulations to all the board's current UEC Tortosa and the people who worked for many years to make this possible.

Philosopher's Stone

Posted: March 10th, 2011

Hello everybody!. This blog is about my adventure activities such as my travels, I would like to explain what are the premises always I look at my new projects.

In first place: since I use because I can say I'm a lover nature. I always had a special interest in the environment and I am very aware with respect to nature, animals and the environment in general.

I practise non-competitive adventure sports. I'm not an athlete or an elite sportman , I'm not interested in to compete towards an opponent. I do not understand my expeditions and activities as competition, but as an experience to share with friends, family or other people. Instead, effort il'autosuperació are important factors in my projects.

Finally,, in my opinion, the travel teaches, give us culture, enriches and opens the mind. Travelling helps us to know new cultures, new sites, new life ways, helps us to understand many other things and see from another perspective and a different perspective.

These three premises are the basis of my activities, and definitely, I can say that is my philosopher's stone.

Cheers & beers.!